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Issue #1: How to Get Started with Public Speaking

  • Meet Brittney Johnson on the latest episode of the Chats with Yvonne Podcast 

  • My monthly reflection on the art of public speaking 

  • How to Start your Public Speaking Resume

  • Vision Boarding 

  • Community shout-outs 

  • And more! 

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Issue #2: Cultivating Our Love for Public Speaking 

So much has happened in my personal life lately and naturally, it impacts how I show up across Chats with Yvonne. I moved cities, have been slowly (very slowly) furnishing my apartment, spending way too much money, and I'm starting a new job in a week. It's a lot! I share this because it's my belief that even in the middle of craziness, we practice and can even cultivate our love for public speaking. Why? Well, because the art of public speaking goes past simply speaking, it requires deep inner work to "find your voice" as a speaker.


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