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Monthly public speaking workshops made for you.

My hope through ¡Latina, Presente! is to make public speaking education accessible to more people because I truly believe in its power to transform and elevate our communities, your career, and personal passions. 


This monthly workshop series is meant to help you reconnect & love the art of public speaking, AND cultivate a deeper understanding of how to grow your public speaking skills, con cultura.


Every lesson celebrates our lived experiences, traditions, and cultural ties to the art of public speaking, while providing you the information, techniques, and practices you need to authentically take the mic and stage.


By the end of 2024, you'll have an entire Public Speaking Toolkit to leverage in your own speaking journey. We’ll have guest speakers who are experts in their craft for some workshops, community giveaways at event, and an entire community of public speakers looking to expand their skill set! 

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“I have never left a workshop, so excited to sign up immediately for the next one. Thanks Yvonne, for sharing your platform to the world and for creating a community of speakers. We need this, our cultura needs this!”

Dra. Kim Rodriguez, Chiropractor & Founder of Latinas Running 

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This Month's Workshop

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In this workshop, we’re channeling our abuelitas form of story-telling to inform how we tell our story. We’ll explore story-telling techniques, structure, and give you an outline to tell your story (stories), con poder y cultura.

El Chisme: What Past Attendees Say


“Attending the inaugural Latina Presente Workshop series was such an honor , because I felt so proud just to see so many empowering and powerful Latinas in one workshop. I've been in several rooms, where the speaker looked nothing like me and nothing about their speech was relatable to my experiences or left me with aspirations to story tell, educate, or want to become a speaker or future" attendee."


Yvonne's training was beyond amazing, worth every penny! As a strong advocate for professional development, I've found incredible value in learning from Mujeres who share my experiences. Yvonne's public speaking knowledge is truly remarkable! I encourage you to check her out!

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I feel inspired and honored to be part of the first of many ¡Latina Presente! public speaking workshops! I learned valuable lessons. It took me back to why I enjoy public speaking! I see my self looking for potential events where I can be a speaker or panelist. 

Upcoming Workshops

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