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Public Speaking con Cultura

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Sharing my experiences being a First Gen Latina & Introverted public speaker of 10 years and together, exploring the art of public speaking to help guide, inform, and empower our practice of the art.

Interested in being a guest? 

Keep Reading. 

Speaker Spotlight Series

My vision is to provide spaces for speakers and aspiring speakers like you to practice your public speaking. The Speaker Spotlight Series is designed for you to share a Ted Talk-Like Style speech, followed by an interview. Think: Keynote & panel. The idea is that then you can use your guest episode as a part of your speaker portfolio. 

3-5 minute speech 

What is your signature topic? Or what topic would you like to be known for? This is your opportunity to share that story with an audience. Think about this portion as telling us your "why" and your unique perspective about a topic.  


After your speech, we'll have a casual conversation about your work, life, business, anything you'd like to chat through! This is an opportunity for your audience to hear from you and learn more about what you do. 

Additional Resources 

You'll have the option to set up a 15 minute chat with me prior to our recording session where we can go over your speech & questions you may have, or you can send me your written speech and I can provide high level feedback. 

Review the Podcast Guide & Community Guidelines 

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Telling Your Story 

A Step by Step Guide

I recorded this episode with you in mind! Tune in if you're looking for clarity on how to get started with telling your story. 

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